Precise Navigation
Fits any aircraft
Highly integrated

With cm precision and redundant reliability Deckfinder brings the capabilities of a global navigation system to a local scale.

What is DeckFinder?

DeckFinder™ is a highly accurate local positioning system that allows manned and unmanned aerial vehicles to determine their relative position in the most diverse and harsh environments.

An independent, precise and reliable navigation system like DeckFinder™ contributes to an easier and safer landing procedure in GPS-shaded environments, landing on moving ground, or in situations where proper reference points or visual cues are missing

A few centimeters difference could compromise and endanger a whole mission, when landing on an undersized helideck. In order to avoid such risks, DeckFinder™ provides a 3-dimensional relative position to the target as well as the relative heading which can be visualized on an additional flight display decreasing significantly the workload for the pilots.

How does it work?

Global Navigation Satellite Systems such as GPS & Galileo are enabling an ever growing amount of Navigation Applications.

DeckFinder™ works on similar principles as Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), i.e. multilateration based on independent RF-based ranging signals. The user segment calculates its 3D position and heading in a relative coordinate frame by measuring the distances to multiple ground stations, of which the positions are known in the ground segment’s body-frame.

The DeckFinder™ ground stations can be installed on any fixed or moving ground base. The distance measurements are performed on a proprietary measurement principle in a license-free RF band that is fully independent from GNSS. This measurement technique is specifically designed to determine the range between the ground stations‘ antennas and the user segment antennas with highest accuracy in a local area.

DeckFinder’s Core Applications lay in the precise relative Navigation of Helicopters & Helicopter UAVs.


© 2015 Deckfinder.
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© 2015 Deckfinder.
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