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Our mission is to ensure full customer satisfaction as well as to create and develop solid business relations with all of our stakeholders, while fulfilling our objectives with commitment and professionalism.


Our vision is to be a global market leader by setting up a new standard for VTOL UAV and Helicopter landing Systems.


DeckFinder Management

Michael von Voithenberg, Julian Steffes


DeckFinder™ is a product of Airbus Defence & Space that provides reliable and precise relative position for Vertical Take-O (VTOL) and Landing Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAV) independent from Global Navigation Satellite Systems.
Airbus Defence & Space is Europe’s number one defence company and the world’s second in the space industry, has over 40,000 employees and approximate revenues of 14 billion euros.
The company belongs completely to Airbus Group, which is the largest Aerospace and Defence Company in Europe with 138,622 employees in 170 locations around the world. Its revenues amount to 60.7 billion Euros and its one of the world’s top 30 Research and Development investors.
DeckFinder™ initiates its activities in 2008 based on a technology discovered on 2001. By deploying a number of “Pseudo-Satellites” (Ground-based Radio-frequency Signal Transmitters), the system began to enable the calculation of precise relative position – independent of Global Navigation Satellite Systems. This represented a major innovation for the VTOL UAV industry, resolving some of the inevitable challenges that are inherit in the control and landing of unmanned and manned aerial vehicles.
As of today DeckFinder™ is the market leader in Europe oering a safe and reliable local positioning system for Vertical Take-O and Landing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles under all weather conditions.
Belonging to the Navigation Applications Engineering subdivision, the team consists of 10 experts from dierent fields of knowledge, as well as additional team members belonging to dierent departments within Airbus Defence & Space which serve as in supportive functions in the daily business.


© 2015 Deckfinder.
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© 2015 Deckfinder.
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