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Fits any aircraft
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DeckFinder™ is reliable wherever relative positioning information is needed with high accuracy. The system enables fully automatic take-off and landing of helicopters on fixed or moving ground.
The system is designed for maximum flexibility and is applicable to any manned or unmanned aerial vehicle in the most diverse and harsh environments.
Consequently, the fields of application are numerous and the system can adapt to a wide range of requirements and challenges.

Manned Helicopters

The 3-dimensional relative position to the target as well as the relative heading can be visualized on an additional flight display either head mounted displays or fused into existing multi-functional displays. The system provides a powerful solution for landing on moving ship decks, navigating in offshore operations as well as in visual degraded environments.

Landing on moving ship decks

Potentially the greatest advantage of DeckFinder makes itself felt when landing on moving ground. To navigate, GPS usually works with exact coordinates of the region.
When trying to touch down on a ship deck which is pitched and tossed by heavy waves during a storm a system with reference points integrated on the landing deck itself is essential for precise navigation.
Especially when visibility is poor DeckFinder’s visualization of the relative position inside the cockpit can be crucial for a successful landing.

Assistance · Offshore Oil · Gas


By Low Visual Meteorological conditions & Challenging Environments

DeckFinder’s highly accurate positioning system is especially important when encountering extreme weather conditions such as thunderstorms, blizzards or dense fog where visibility is strongly limited for the pilot.
The resulting effects of brownouts or whiteouts on the safety of landing procedures are reduced with DeckFinder. The in-flight visibility restriction is compensated by highly accurate measurements of the local navigation system to guide the aircraft safely into the helideck. Due to the fully ruggedized system components DeckFinder™ operates just as efficient under salt water, dust or extreme temperatures.

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© 2015 Deckfinder.
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