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DeckFinder™ is reliable wherever relative positioning information is needed with high accuracy. It enables fully automatic take-o and landing for helicopters on fixed or moving ground.
DeckFinder™ is designed to maximum flexibility and applicable to any manned or unmanned aerial vehicle in the most diverse and harsh environments. Consequently, the fields of application are numerous and the system can adapt to a wide range of requirements and challenges.

Manned Helicopters

The 3-dimensional relative position to the target as well as the relative heading can be visualized on an additional flight display; head mounted displays or fused into existing multi-functional displays. So DeckfinderTM is the powerful solution for landing on moving ship decks, navigating in offshore operations as well as in visual degraded environments.

Offshore Operations

HELIOS JIP performed a business case study regarding the workability rate of helicopters flying to vessels of a Norwegian oil company. The results were astonishing: if the workability were raised from 35% to 50% (or from 70 to 100 flights per year) the direct costs saved for the company would amount to almost 29 Million Euros annually.
One main factor of offshore workability is weather conditions. DeckFinder’s reliable, precise and independent positioning assistance significantly exceeds the performance of GNSS enabling landings on oil rigs even under extreme conditions and thus can contribute greatly to the workability of your offshore helicopter fleet.

Low reference critical landing areas

Landing an aircraft in an environment without proper reference points or lacking visual cues increases significantly the workload for the pilots. Areas of application do not only include offshore operations and virtual decks for hovering but can also include landings of an emergency rescue helicopter on multistory buildings. During normal flight temporary inaccuracies of the GPS-system are not a problem but when landing on an undersized helideck a few centimeters difference could compromise and jeopardize the whole mission.
Consequently, the use of DeckFinder’s reliable, precise and independent navigation system in these situations contributes to an easier and safer landing procedure.

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© 2015 Deckfinder.
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