Precise Navigation
Fits any aircraft
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DeckFinder™ is reliable wherever relative positioning information is needed with high accuracy. The system enables fully automatic take-off and landing of helicopters on fixed or moving ground.
The system is designed for maximum flexibility and is applicable to any manned or unmanned aerial vehicle in the most diverse and harsh environments.
Consequently, the fields of application are numerous and the system can adapt to a wide range of requirements and challenges.

UAV · Unmanned Aviation

Standardized data interfaces of the DeckFinder™ System enable connections to the majority of available autopilot systems and could easily be adapted based on concrete customer requirements. The DeckFinder™ data enables the autopilot to perform a secure and exact landing in diffcult situations like landing on moving ship decks, landing on moving trucks as well as landing on GPS-shaded or denied environment.

Landing on moving ship decks

One of the great advantages of DeckFinder™ is to give assistance to rotorcraft pilots while landing on moving ship decks.
When trying to touch down on a ship deck which is pitched and tossed by heavy waves during a storm, a system with reference points integrated on the landing deck itself is crucial for precise navigation of the UAV.

Landing on moving trucks

Besides landing on travelling ships DeckFinder™ can also be used to safely bring down an UAV on a moving truck during a military operation. This can be extremely useful during convoy surveillances in areas where GPS is purposefully jammed and trucks have to stay in motion due to security aspects.

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© 2015 Deckfinder.
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