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Frequently Asked Questions



How easy is it to install the system into my airframe?

The airborne system is very small and lightweight and extremely quick and simple to install and integrate into the host airframe, including a range of software integration options from stand-alone with a dedicated computer (PCU) or deep integration of the DeckFinder software into the host operating system.

How easy is it to use the ship-based system – do I need additional personnel to operate it?

The Ground Segment operates autonomously, and set-up is extremely simple. No special training is required, and no additional personnel are needed to operate the system, which means lowest possible operating costs for the user.

How well does the system work under extreme conditions?

DeckFinder components are fully ruggedized and operate just as efficient under strong vibrations, salt water, dust or extreme temperatures.

Under which climate conditions has DeckFinder been tested?

Our product has not only been successfully tested in various difficult landing environments such as the Arctic Ocean or the Swiss Alpes, but also has been used in numerous end to end VTOL UAV applications.

What is the weight of the entire Airborne System?

The total weight of Antennas, Cables and Calculation Units is 1.6kg.

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© 2015 Deckfinder.
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