Precise Navigation
Fits any aircraft
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DeckfinderTM Key Features

DeckfinderTM provides a very high accuracy of better than 20cm during final approach – and this for landing & take-off. The area of operation is scalable up to 1.1 km. With an update rate of 15 Hz the system can handle highly dynamic situations. DeckfinderTM is build to task with it‘s strong dust- and saltwaterproof GSU housing and the 1.6 kg light airborne segment. And it will work under an extreme temperature range of -32°C to +55°C.

System Level Features:

  • Provision of relative 3D position
  • Provision of relative heading
  • Independent from Global Navigation Satellite Systems
  • Radio-frequency based solution – independent from day / night & environmental conditions
  • All data is determined in the airborne receiver – low latency, independent from data links
  • In line with all relevant military standards

In general

  • Lightweight Components in ruggedized design
  • Tested to all relevant military & aviation standards
  • Standardized interface to connect to downstream resources
  • Small size of equipment and highly customizable, leading to quick and easy integration into any host airframe

Operational Temperature Range

  • Operational: -32 °C to +55 °C / -25.6 F to +131 F
  • Transport & Storage: -40 °C to +80°C / -40 F to 185F
  • Airflow has to be ensured.

Dust & Water Proof

  • The Airborne Receiver is IP66 protected against dust and water to Ingress Protection Rating according to IEC60529:
  • No ingress of dust complete, protection against contact
  • Water projected in powerful jets against the enclosure from any direction
The RMU is designed to be operated in salt water environment and can be exposed to salt water spray but must not be exposed permanently to salt water.


  • Designed to be in line with MIL-STD 810G / 516.6
  • Operation Lightweight Grade B Class I Type A.


  • Designed to be in line with MIL-STD 810G / 514.6
  • Operation Category 21

Heat Dissipation

  • 0.2 BTU/h = 3W

© 2015 Deckfinder.
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© 2015 Deckfinder.
All Rights Reserved.